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For almost 70 years since our foundation, we have been supplying APIs to various pharmaceutical companies in Japan and internationally thanks to our commitment to “Katsura Chemical Quality”. In particular, we specialize in supplying APIs which have to meet sophisticated technical demands for complex synthetic routes. We are also a specialist manufacturer of low-volume niche drug substances that are only produced by very few suppliers. We are extremely proud to be involved in supplying APIs for pharmaceuticals and believe in our unique responsibility to perform our work carefully and safely to maintain the highest level of standards. While continuing to embrace this concept, we want to contribute towards the sustainable development of our society and support the livelihood, health and lives of people by supplying high-quality APIs.

Ryotaro Katsura
President, Katsura Chemical Co., Ltd



“Contributing towards supporting the lives and health of people and promoting sustainable development of our society by supplying high-quality APIs” has been our company philosophy for almost 70 years. As a company that produces and supplies Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), we should never forget to be aware of the fact that our products are pharmaceuticals that help people who mean a great deal to us. It is reassuring to know that, today, somewhere in this world, medical drugs that incorporates our products cures someone in need. We believe that it is our mission to perform all the different kinds of work bearing this fact in mind.

– a symbol of our commitment –Katsura Chemical Quality


“Our products are medicines that help us and the people we care about.”
With this corporate philosophy in mind, it is only natural that we aspire to produce premium quality products.
Constantly reflecting on the needs of customers who require our products, we continually strive to improve the quality of our work. This culminates in our sincere declaration of “Katsura Chemical Quality”.
We will continue to meet the requirements of our customers by providing premium quality APIs and an exceptional standard of work. This then is “Katsura Chemical Quality”, a true cornerstone of our business.

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