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Global Niche API

Global Niche API means an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) for pharmaceutical products that are needed in the world but are not produced on a large scale due to the small size of the market. Global Niche API is our unique term which we created and which was driven by our desire to lead the international market for manufacturing this kind of drug substances. We currently supply our high quality APIs to countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America.



Katsura Chemical – the spirit and purpose of our presence

We are a small family-owned company with a workforce of about 50 employees. While drug substances are manufactured by many large companies in the world, we believe in the spirit and purpose of our presence to produce Global Niche APIs of high-quality that are not produced or not able to be produced by other manufactures and to supply them to patients who need them. For example, we are the sole producer in Japan of the pharmaceutical substance Levocabastine hydrochloride, an API used in ophthalmic drops for treating allergic conjunctivitis. Because this API has to undergo such a complicated reaction process, we manufacture it on a small scale, producing only a few kilograms per year. We are also the sole manufacturer in Japan of several other kinds of APIs. We are very proud that we have recognized the purpose and objective of our company to manufacture what other companies do not produce.


Reaching out to meet your needs

Our strength lies in small-scale manufacturing of drug substances which require a complex production process, those which are not produced by manufacturers specialized in large-scale production. Despite the fact that there is only a small market for our products, it is our aim to serve the people who need our products. We are committed to manufacturing such drug substances and we engage wholeheartedly in our company activities. “Delivering Global Niche API with Katsura Chemical Quality to patients around the world” – this is our company mission statement which motivates us towards becoming a leading manufacturer of Global Niche APIs.

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