Occupational Health And Safety Policy



We take health and safety very seriously because it is one of the fundamental principles of our corporate philosophy.
In order to put our ideals into practice, we actively promote and maintain the assurance of health and safety whilst also focusing on enhancing the well-being of everyone who works for our company.
We conduct our business activities according to the following principles.
  • We comply with statutory regulations related to occupational health and safety as well as health and safety regulations in the workplace.
  • We communicate with everyone who works for our company with the aim of implementing health and safety activities and encouraging all employees to participate.
  • Our aim is to create a pleasant and safe working environment and strive towards ensuring zero incidents, zero accidents and zero hazard.
  • Thanks to our health and safety activities, we continuously implement effective improvements by allocating appropriate management resources.
  • We cultivate a proactive approach to safety and strive to raise awareness of health and safety issues by providing employee training measures and PR activities within the company.

1 April 2021
Ryotaro Katsura
President of Katsura Chemical Co., Ltd

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