Custom synthesis/manufacturing


We handle custom
synthesis with a pride of “Katsura Chemical Quality”

We deal with customized business on many different levels of scale and chemical synthesis. We call what we do “Katsura Chemical Quality” – supplying high-quality APIs for our clients while providing the highest standards of service, and receive orders to manufacture high-quality APIs in the range of milligrams to tons. We also feel it is very important to satisfy the needs of our client so we offer comprehensive services such as meetings for detailed discussion prior to the contract manufacturing and regularly providing progress reports.


Investigating manufacturing methods and process development

In the development department, we deal with the customized investigation of manufacturing methods and process development. Our new equipment in the laboratory facilitates the investigation of an efficient and scientific method of manufacturing. As for our current products, we handle all matters by ourselves; from the development and review of the manufacturing method to production at the plant. Thus, after the manufacturing method has been established in the laboratory, full scale production takes place, and feedback from the batch analysis data and re-investigation of the manufacturing process can be quickly dealt with.


Cooperation with our manufacturing alliance companies

We cooperate with several partner companies. It helps us to be able to deal with the production flexibly in many different cases including, for example, when our plant is not able to correspond. We continually engage in expanding a excellent network of business cooperation in order to meeet the different requirements of our clients.


Multi-plant in compliance with GMP

Our plant is a multi-plant in full compliance with GMP requirements and we have extensive experience, for example, in dealing with FDA inspections and CEP registation. In this plant, we not only manufacture APIs, we also handle contract manufacturing of phamacutical intermediates and investigative drugs by applying our expert knowledge cultivated over the past 70 years. We also perform customized purification work and are able to serve our clients in many different ways to meet their needs.


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